Who we are

Who we are

Who we are



Alanya Brand Group®
The Republic of Turkey's province of Antalya to Alanya Chamber of Commerce officially registered, T. C from the trade ministry, was awarded the commercial real mandate, a registered real estate, real estate brokers and investment company is.


We have all the necessary licenses and certificates that allow this activity to be carried out. We work directly with the owners and leading developers in Alanya.

Our company is a team of professionals with extensive experience.

We think outside the box, anticipate your desires, help you invest wisely risk-free and profit.

We will tell you how to navigate the real estate market and earn passive income.

We have extensive experience working with major investors and businessmen from around the world.

We are not limited to standard frameworks and we always do what others do not. We have completed hundreds of transactions and we have hundreds of satisfied customers. Our after-sales service is the best, taking care of every customer.

Also, we make a tripartite agreement for your security and guarantee the purity and transparency of the transaction. We have no hidden fees, we charge 3% of our legal fee.

What does our company do:
Turkey to free orientation tour;
To select a property in Turkey and will join to buy the owner will make you feel sightseeing tour will introduce Alanya and will make you profitable and guaranteed way real estate owner.

Selection of Objects:
In line with your needs; according to your budget; You will be the owner of the most suitable real estate with living spaces and portfolio suitable for your search, which will increase your life quality.

Consulting According to Needs;
Alanya Brand Group, global investors within the scope of advisory services, market and investment environment in Turkey which came into force regarding the investment to help to discover the latest addition to providing information about the legislation as well; provides investors with information on company establishment, sectoral specific and general macroeconomic data, government incentives, operating costs and taxation, and is supported by detailed sectoral analyzes and reports for investors.

Legal Supports of Transactions;
You decide; After purchasing real estate, house, apartment, hotel or land for a price, by giving the title deed registration document to the state in the name of the buyer, that is the document we call title deed, the formalization of the people.

Post-Investment Services;
Alanya Brand Group continues to stay in touch with investors after their projects are completed and regularly gets in touch with investors in order to ensure that all phases of the project proceed smoothly. solutions related to investments in Turkey Investors in case of confrontation with any situation, waiting for mediating between investors and the state, faydalandırıl to the support expansion investments, the realization of workshops and research on the investment environment and new proposals for the improvement of the investment environment offers services like development.

Alanya Brand Group Always with you!

We think you deserve the best!



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