A great option for a 1+1 apartment for living by the sea in Mersin, Tece

€ 71,000
ID 65680
To beach:
230 m
About object
Living rooms:
45 — 50 m²

We have a wonderful ready-made option for permanent residence or passive income. So apartment 1 + 1 , a five-storey house on the third floor , in a new house . The apartment is finished with an American kitchen, equipped bathroom, laminate flooring, air conditioning and Internet connection, iron entrance door. The sea is 230 meters away. Beautiful location , bright and cozy apartment .


We want to introduce you to one of the most popular neighborhoods of this city - the Teje neighborhood, located 20 km from the center of Mersin, directly on the Mediterranean coast. Once it was a small village where citrus fruits were grown, but with the advent of civilization and the growth of construction, the population grew dramatically and the municipality assigned it the status of the Teje microdistrict.Teje is a small neighborhood, or mahalle in Turkish. It is part of the Mezitli district, one of the most developed districts of Mersin. The proximity to the center of Mezitli will help you, living in a quiet and peaceful area of Teje, to enjoy all the advantages and infrastructure of Mezitli - private schools, hospitals, shopping centers and sports grounds, for example.

Which is one of the important features of Teje! At the same time, the cost of real estate and the growth potential in Teja will be even higher due to the proximity to the sea and beaches, the active development of which is only beginning now.

This will be especially noticeable after the opening of a new airport, the construction of which is underway in the Chukurov area, not far from Mersin. According to official data for 2021-2022, approximately 1,250 people live permanently in the Teje microdistrict Of course, with the onset of the summer season, their number increases dramatically – after all, Teje is a very popular residential area for recreation, and many summer residences and apartments are located here. It is surrounded by such neighborhoods as Şahin Tepesi in the north and Seymenli in the east, and in the southwest is the Deniz neighborhood and everyone's favorite Mediterranean Sea and beaches.

By the way, few people know that along the administrative borders, the Teje microdistrict itself is adjacent to the sea and beaches, but the Deniz microdistrict or Deniz Mahallesi in Turkish. That is, you will be surprised, but according to this administrative division of districts, the Teje microdistrict itself does not even have access to the sea! However, historically, this whole area, including Teje itself and the Deniz neighborhood with its beaches, is popularly called Teje. It is the proximity to the sea and beaches that has made this area especially popular. The people in Teja are calm and friendly, always ready to help guests or foreigners. The good old laws of friendly neighborhood life still apply here for people of all cultures and nationalities.


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