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April is the time of flowering of tulips in Turkey

April is the time of flowering of tulips in Turkey

April 23, 2023

Tulips are in full bloom all through April on the territory of Turkey. Flowerbeds and lawns of all parks are filled with these beautiful multicolored flowers. The fashion for tulips was introduced almost 500 years ago by Sultan Ahmed III, who ordered that they be planted in palace gardens and parks. Since then, tulips have been a symbol of the Ottoman Empire, their images are often found in architecture and painting, and tulip festivals are held every spring in April.

The most beautiful parks and gardens are in Istanbul:

Emirgan Park.
The area of the park is 470,000 m2, more than 3 million flowers bloom here every spring. Admission is free.

Gulhane Park.
Near the Hagia Sophia Mosque. The ticket price is 10 euros.

Yildiz Park.
Palace and park complex near Besiktas. Admission is 1 euro.

Sultanahmet Central Square.
A square with fountains, a view of the Blue Mosque and a huge number of tulips.

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