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Kindergartens and schools in Mersin.

Kindergartens and schools in Mersin.

April 3, 2023

The first thing that worries parents when moving to another country is how things are with kindergartens and schools. In Mersin, as in the whole of Turkey, there are public and private gardens. Children go to state kindergartens from 3 to 6 years old. The monthly fee is approximately 200 - 500 liras. Usually children spend half a day in kindergarten: from morning to lunch or from lunch to evening.
There are quite a lot of private kindergartens in Mersin. They work full-time and accept children from the age of 2. The groups are small, 3 meals a day, walks and an irregular nap are provided. Prices in private gardens in Mersin range from 2000 to 6000 liras per month.
Secondary education in Turkey is free and compulsory. Children go to school from the age of 6.
There are 12 classes of education in total: 4 years of primary school, 4 years of secondary school and 4 years of study at the lyceum. In elementary school, grades are not given to children. From the fifth grade, a 100-point rating system begins to operate. According to the results of the exams in the 8th grade, it is decided in which lyceum the child can continue studying in the 9th grade: in the humanities (Anadolu lisesi), in the technical (Fen lisesi), in the religious (Imam hatip lisesi) or in the vocational school Meslek lisesi.

There are many private schools in Mersin. The most popular private schools are Bahcesehir, TED and Doga koleji. Tuition in private schools is paid, the price depends on a particular school. On average, prices range from 3500 euros to 8000 euros. As a rule, they are taught in Turkish and English, and a third language is additionally taught. Teaching only in English is available in a Canadian school. In 2019, a Russian-language school was opened in Mersin in the Silifke district, designed mainly for the children of employees working at the Akkuyu NPP. In all private schools there are a lot of extracurricular activities, sports sections, excursions are often held.

Both private and public schools and kindergartens usually have a mini–bus service, on which children are picked up from home and taken to the garden and back. The price depends on the distance of the educational institution from home.

The following documents will be required for admission to the school:
1. The child's passport.
2. The child's residence permit.
3. Birth certificate with apostille, translated into Turkish.
4. Certificate of completion of a certain number of classes, translated into Turkish and notarized.

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Short-term rent is the rental of real estate for less than 100 days. Short-term rental conditions according to the new law: - Get a certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The application can be made online via e-devlet. The decision on the application must come within 30 days. A month after receiving the certificate, a special commission will come to the facility with a check on compliance with all necessary conditions, such as the presence of a fire extinguisher, an evacuation plan from the building, a sign with information about the object being rented at the entrance, smoke detectors, etc. Subsequent inspections will be carried out every 2 years. Information about the certificate received must necessarily be indicated when advertising the object. Documents required to obtain a certificate: 1. Identity card (kimlik) of a Turkish citizen 2. A copy of a foreign passport and a copy of a residence permit (if any) for foreign citizens 3. A photocopy of a TAPU proving that you are the owner of the property 4. Written consent of all owners of the residential complex
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