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Sights of Tarsus

Sights of Tarsus

March 17, 2023

We continue to introduce you to the wonderful province of Mersin. Today we will tell you about the sights of Tarsus, an administrative district in the eastern part of Mersin. Tarsus was built by the Assyrian king Sennacherib in 705-681 BC, and, of course, has a rich historical heritage.

Cleopatra's Gate
Presumably built at the end of the Byzantine period. It is believed that it was in Tarsus that Mark Antony met his Cleopatra, after whom the main gate of the city is named.

St. Paul's Church.
Built at the turn of the XI-XII centuries, it is a reminder that it was in Tarsus that the Holy Apostle Paul was born.

St. Paul's Well
The well is located in the courtyard of the house where the Apostle Paul was born and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The depth of the well is 38 meters, the diameter is 1.15 meters.

Historical houses of Tarsus
Two-storey houses built in the XIX-XX centuries from clay, stone and wood. Many houses have been restored or simply well preserved and create a unique impression.

Kubat Pasha Madrasah
In 1971, the madrasah building was transformed into a museum, where ethnographic and archaeological artifacts reflecting the history of the city are now stored.

Tashkuyu Cave.
It was discovered in 2006 during the construction of the road. The length of the cave is 470 meters. In the cave, opened to visitors in 2012, you can admire the stalactites and stalagmites of bizarre shapes.

Cave of the Seven Sleepers (Eshab-?Kehf Mağarası).
The cave area is 300 m2, the depth is 10 meters. Inside there are 3 tunnels going deep into the cave. Open to the public.

Tarsus Waterfall
Located 2 km from Tarsus. It is a favorite vacation spot for locals and tourists who enjoy the views of this natural wonder, sipping tea and soft drinks in cozy cafes.

When traveling to Mersin, be sure to visit the sights of Tarsus, which will become even more accessible with the opening of the international airport in Chukurova.

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