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April 15, 2023

Gazipasha is a rising star of the Antalya coast. The city is rapidly developing and gaining popularity among tourists and those who want to move to live by the sea. Previously, it was only an agricultural region where bananas, strawberries and pomegranates are grown. The ecology here is really perfect, as there are many coniferous forests, orange orchards and olive groves in the area. However, now Gazipasha is a promising and rapidly growing resort town.

In general, Gazipasha already has everything necessary for life: kindergartens, schools, colleges, a state hospital and even a department of the ALKÜ State University. However, plans for the development of the city have just begun to be implemented. The municipality of the city, together with top developers, changes the appearance of Gazipasha day by day: it increases the number of parks, recreation areas, playgrounds and sports grounds and other socially significant objects.

Gazipasha has gorgeous long beaches with gradual entry into the sea. By the way, they, like the beaches of Alanya, are marked with a "Blue Flag" quality certificate. The most famous are the 2.5 km long Selinus Beach and the Koru Beach with natural pools filled with seawater - a real Jacuzzi on the first coastline. Fans of Instagram photos and unusual locations come to the picturesque Blue lagoon Bay with a wild beach, Delik Deniz Bay with a natural arch right in the rock and Kızılın plajı beach at the foot of the cliff with a cave.

Gazipasha has a marina for yachts, next to which the fashionable hotels "Rixos" and "Adam&Eva" will be built on the first coastline. Even more tourists will come here, and given that the passenger traffic of Gazipasi International Airport has increased significantly, the number of hotels and other infrastructure will also grow.

It is also important that Gazipasha is open for registration of a primary residence permit, so foreigners are actively interested in buying apartments in this region.

We offer you to become the owner of an apartment in this friendly and beautiful city. In addition, real estate prices here are very attractive. The cost of apartments in new complexes under construction starts from 83,000 euros!

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