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Причины популярности недвижимости Мерсина.

The reasons for the popularity of Mersin real estate.

March 3, 2023

We couldn't help but notice that more and more potential clients and investors are often interested in Mersin real estate. The reasons for such a sharp increase in demand are very objective:

- Mersin is the city with the longest coastline in Turkey. It is difficult to find such a large number of beaches and beautiful sea coves anywhere else.
- Excellent climatic conditions. Long summers and short mild winters.
- Developed social sphere, there are private and public schools, modern medical centers, three universities, sports centers, theater, shopping centers and chain stores.
- High-rise construction is allowed, as Mersin is the most seismically safe region of the country.
- Most of the new houses are gasified
- The construction of the metro and the opening of the airport in Chukurova make the region even more attractive for investment.
- A large number of apartments with panoramic or partial sea views, located near the beaches.
- High quality construction. Mersin developers erect their buildings, strictly observing all requirements and norms, and are always ready to share information about the progress of construction with future residents of houses.
- Most of the districts popular among foreigners are open for obtaining a residence permit.
- In Mersin, there is still an opportunity to purchase high-quality real estate in a modern residential complex at a very affordable price.

We always keep our finger on the pulse and are glad to meet our dear customers in the new office in Mersin. We work only with trusted developers. Our managers are always ready to provide you with a selection of the most interesting objects of this promising metropolis.

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