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The process of pouring concrete during the construction of houses in Turkey.

The process of pouring concrete during the construction of houses in Turkey.

March 4, 2023

Many of our clients have purchased or are just planning to buy real estate at the excavation stage, so they are often interested in the process of building houses. We have already told you about the quality standards of house construction in Turkey. Today we will tell you in detail how the process of pouring concrete takes place, because this is one of the most important stages of building a house, on which the strength of the entire structure depends.

- The process of quality control of concrete begins from the moment it is poured into a concrete mixer. The number of the machine, the date and time of shipment of concrete, and other data are entered into the database. The driver is issued a document with a QR code, where all the necessary information is indicated.
- With the help of a satellite, the path of the car is tracked, so deviations from the route are excluded.
- As soon as the concrete is delivered to the construction site, three samples are taken from each machine. They are placed in special flasks. After that, builders can start pouring concrete. Moreover, each batch of concrete is poured together with an electronic chip, which contains all the information about this concrete.
- The number of each bulb is entered into a common database. After that, they are sent to a laboratory, whose employees check the quality of concrete.
- The first flask is checked by chemical analysis on the 7th, and the second - on the 14th day after pouring concrete. The third sample is tested by physical stress for deformation after 28 days.
- If at least one of the stages is not passed successfully, then the entire batch of concrete is subject to disposal, and the floor filled with it is demolished and built anew. At the same time, all costs are reimbursed by the plant that provided substandard concrete, so there is no point in developers silencing or hiding the results of the examination.

We hope the information was useful and relevant.

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