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Districts of Alanya: Avsallar

Districts of Alanya: Avsallar

March 15, 2023

Avsallar is a district located 23 km west of Alanya, 115 km from Antalya Airport and 64 km from Gazipasi Airport. Avsallar has excellent ecology and a mild microclimate, as it is located in a sea bay closed from the winds.
The infrastructure is quite diverse for seasonal recreation and permanent residence. There are restaurants, bars, pastry shops, cafes, markets, chain stores and pharmacies. Avsallar has three schools, several kindergartens, one public hospital, private clinics, dental offices and pharmacies.
The undoubted advantage is the transport accessibility of Avsallar. High-quality roads will allow you to get to any point of the area quickly and comfortably.
The beaches of Avsallar are one of the main advantages of the resort. The picturesque Injekum beach with fine golden sand is the pearl of Avsallar. Thanks to the smooth set of depth and clean water, the Injecum is very popular among families with children and elderly vacationers.
Avsallar is rich in sights. Guests of the resort can see the Alarakhan Caravanserai by the Alara River, built in the XIII century, a Muslim mosque, an olive grove, an antique Side, the Kurshunlu waterfall and Turtle Island. Be sure to visit the Sealanya Seapark, where there is a water park, attractions and a dolphinarium.
Hotels are mainly located on the first coastline of Avsallar. Residential buildings are located a little further from the sea, which allows construction companies to improve large areas around the complexes with diverse infrastructure and landscaping.
The choice of real estate in Avsallar depends on your purchase goals. If you plan to come only on vacation, and the rest of the time to rent apartments, pay attention to the houses located closer to the sea.
For permanent residence, apartments in quieter neighborhoods are in demand, where there is a lot of greenery, coniferous plantations.
Since the construction here began relatively recently, there are many offers on the primary market. Already, many houses in Avsallar have the infrastructure of 5* hotels. At the same time, apartments in such residential complexes can be bought at a more affordable price than in other long-built-up and central districts of Alanya.

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