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Districts of Alanya: upper Oba

Districts of Alanya: upper Oba

April 8, 2023

We all know about the popular area of Alanya - Oba, which can be reached in 5 minutes by bus, bike or even on foot. Both have well-developed infrastructure, in terms of the number of kindergartens, schools, shops, cafes and restaurants, it is in no way inferior to the center of Alanya, and the prices of apartments themselves are not particularly different. The beaches of Oba have a Blue Flag quality certificate, are well equipped, the embankment is clean and beautiful.
Since Oba is an open area for obtaining a residence permit, foreigners (owners and tenants) can officially register at their place of residence.

Recently, developers have been offering quite a lot of interesting projects in the upper Oba, which is not yet so well-known and popular among buyers, but investors have long taken note of this area and are actively investing in it. The main advantage of the upper Ob is the remoteness from the objects of the tourist sphere. There are no big hotels and noisy nightclubs in upper Oba, so this area is often chosen by families with children and Europeans who appreciate a calm atmosphere, good ecology and clean mountain air filled with the aromas of coniferous and orange trees.

After driving 5-10 minutes into the mountains, you will get to the Oba Chai river of the same name, on the banks of which, as well as on the well-known Dim Chai, picnics - recreation areas with gazebos and barbecues are equipped. By the way, the water in this river is warmer than in the Dim Chai River and swimming in it is much more comfortable. And there is also an equestrian sports center, where coaches teach children and adults to ride. At the same time, it is not difficult to get to the lower Ob and the center of Alanya: in each microdistrict there are city bus stops and taxi call buttons (a taxi ride to the center will cost about 100 liras).

The upper part is changing before our eyes! Modern residential complexes with swimming pools and a protected area are replacing classic Turkish houses and changing the appearance of the area for the better. The area is actively developing and being built up. There are already all chain stores here and, of course, their number will increase. The municipality of the district takes care that parks and playgrounds are built, because there are many kindergartens and schools in upper Oba, including Amerikan kolej, TED kolej, Bahçeşehir kolej and the Russian-language school "Classic-M".

Do you like the upper Oba district?

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