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Turkey plans to receive $59.6 billion in revenue from the tourism industry in 2024

Turkey plans to receive $59.6 billion in revenue from the tourism industry in 2024

April 16, 2024

56.7 million tourists visited Turkey in 2023. The revenue of the tourism industry amounted to $54.3 billion.

The number of tourists and income from tourism in Turkey by year:

2019 - 51.74 million people - $34.5 billion

2020 - 15.97 million people - $12.59 billion

2021 - 30 million people - $30.17 billion

2022 - 51.38 million people - $46.47 billion

2023 - 57.1 million people - $54.3 billion

According to forecasts for 2024, the number of tourists will increase to 59.4 million, and tourism revenues will reach $59.6 billion. In the first two months of 2024, 4.3 million tourists have already visited Turkey. The maximum number of tourists came from the following countries:

Iran - 437.9 thousand people
Russia - 433.6 thousand people
Bulgaria - 345 thousand people
Germany - 330 thousand people
Georgia - 207 thousand people

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May 24, 2024

The Turkish government is preparing to introduce a progressive tax on registration of property rights for owners of more than one property

News for those who are going to sell their apartments/villas and for those who have several of them. According to the information received, the government is preparing to increase the tax and duties for registration of ownership of housing for those who own more than one property. In addition, it is expected that those who sell their property after five years of ownership will also be taxed. Even if 5-10 or even 50 years have passed since the purchase of the house, the profit from the increase in value will be calculated and taxed on the day of sale. When calculating the tax, the current market value of the property will be taken as a basis, which will be determined on the basis of mandatory assessment reports. These measures are expected to come into force in June 2024. Total:- increased tax rate on the sale of real estate for owners of more than one property- the obligation to pay tax even if the property has been owned for more than 5 years- mandatory expert assessment of real estate when selling it
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May 24, 2024

In Antalya, 42 ships were fined more than 91 million liras

The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality intervened in the situation with ships polluting the sea. The municipality monitors vessels using the Electronic Vessel Inspection System (EGDS), which has been implemented to prevent marine pollution. As part of the program, PTZ cameras with a 40x optical zoom function, 20 thermal imaging cameras with an automatic identification system, as well as a ground radar with a range of 90 miles were installed at 20 different points. Thanks to cameras that can take clear and close-up pictures, ships polluting the seas are detected instantly. Inspection boats take samples at the place where a vessel polluting the sea is found. According to the results of analyses and recordings from cameras, administrative sanctions are imposed on vessels found to be polluted by the sea. With the help of the EGDS, which was put into operation on July 5, 2023, 42 ships polluting the sea were detected. As a result, 91 million 766 thousand liras of administrative fines were imposed. The income received by the metropolitan municipality from fines is used in environmental projects.
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May 24, 2024

In Turkey, the accident report can now be filled out electronically via e-devlet

A new service is coming into force that will make life easier for drivers who have a minor accident on the road. Currently, data on accidents involving two cars can be entered into the system. To do this, you need to log in to the e-government via the smartphone app. In case of chain accidents, the protocol must be filled out on paper, as before. The accident report can be entered from all e-devlet accounts where a two-step login is open. How do I fill out an accident certificate in the electronic government? 1 - Enter "Accident Report" in the search box2- Select one of the options "Create a new report" or "Include in a new report"3- Enter the current location.4- Entering information about the vehicle.5- Description of the incident6- Upload photos related to the accident.7- Entering information about the insurance policy8- The report is filled out and sent to the insurance information center Now, by photographing the accident on their phone, drivers can remove cars from the road and quickly draw up a protocol without disrupting the movement of other vehicles.
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May 23, 2024

The law on the euthanasia of stray dogs is being prepared for consideration in the Turkish Parliament

In accordance with President Erdogan's request, the ruling justice and Development Party, AKP, has begun drafting a law that will oblige stray dogs to be euthanized on the grounds that they pose a "danger to life." The AKP has prepared a bill, referring to the demands of citizens who have been victims of stray dog attacks, the proposal is scheduled to be submitted to parliament in the coming days. According to the new bill, stray dogs will first try to find owners. Municipalities will photograph dogs and post ads on their websites. Within 30 days, dogs that have not been adopted will be euthanized with injections of drugs.The animals that will be taken by the new owners will be chipped, and they will be monitored by the Ministry of Agriculture. If the owner leaves the animal on the street or does not fulfill his duties, the sanctions provided for by the Law on Animal Protection will be applied to him. The bill provoked a strong reaction from animal rights advocates. Animal lovers claim that this law will lead to the extermination of stray animals and is not a solution to the problem.
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